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Wuxi JJJ bearings - small bearings moving out of the big market

Release dat:2021-05-24
Wuxi JJJ bearings - small bearings moving out of the big market

After more than 20 processes, the production line of Wuxi JJJ Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is able to produce bearings smaller than the size of nail caps, including multiple processes such as turning, rough grinding, precision grinding, sleeve fitting, and cleaning. The company is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and focuses on the field of micro bearings. It is committed to technological innovation, product structure optimization, and core competitiveness enhancement, enriching its product line. The general manager of JJJ Bearing stated that the company does not have dedicated sales personnel and relies on product competitiveness to attract orders to come to our doorstep. In the first quarter, the output value exceeded 13 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 10%, of which 60% will be exported abroad.

Strengthen independent research and development

As an important basic component in the equipment manufacturing industry, bearings are known as "industrial joints" and are an indispensable component of various equipment such as watches, cars, ships, etc. JJJ bearings can not only produce various types of bearings with apertures ranging from 1.5mm to 60mm, but also customize micro non-standard bearings according to customer needs. Yang Jinliang stated that at the beginning of its entrepreneurship, the company aimed at the high-end micro bearing market and continuously made its products smaller and more refined to fill the gap in the domestic micro bearing market.

In order to break through the technical difficulties in the field of micro bearings, JJJ Bearing has formed a research and development team of over 20 people. After nearly 9 months of research and development, it has successively broken through multiple technical problems, successfully produced and produced micro bearings with a minimum aperture of 1.5mm, and applied for relevant patents. These micro bearings can be applied to high-end equipment such as industrial robots, medical devices, and micro motors, as well as high-end precision products such as cardiac pacemakers, gyroscopes, intelligent robots, and automotive motors.

In order to improve its independent innovation capability, JJJ bearings have invested over 8% of their sales revenue in research and development each year. Last year, the investment in research and development exceeded 4 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of over 13%. The company actively integrates internal and external resources, cooperates with relevant scientific research units for research and development, and has developed and produced over 300 specifications and 3000 varieties of micro bearings, with an annual output of over 20 million sets. Yang Jinliang stated that market development is constantly changing, and it is necessary to quickly transform new technologies into competitive products. This requires enterprises to be able to keep up with market competition, changes, and demands.

The stainless steel bearings developed and produced by JJJ Bearing Company can withstand 168 hours of salt spray testing without rusting, and successfully solve key process problems, expanding the product's applicability.

The secret behind innovative products is the innovation culture formed by the enterprise over the years and the innovation chain that runs through the production and operation process of the enterprise. At present, JJJ bearings have formed a research and development system that covers new product market research, design and development, production process research, process design, management methods, and technical services, and have achieved a series of innovative results. As of now, the company has obtained a total of 26 patents, including 25 utility model patents and 1 invention patent.

Due to the adoption of the concept of innovation driven development, JJJ Bearing Company has gained market opportunities in business expansion, and its products are highly favored by customers. Last year, the company's output value exceeded 52 million yuan.

The technical engineer of JJJ Bearing stated, "Micro bearings have very high requirements for grinding processes, such as precision requirements for ball bearings within 0.01 micrometers. This not only requires patience and attention, but also craftsmanship." The company holds an annual "Technology Competition" to maximize the mobilization and creativity of workers.

In recent years, with the support of the local government, JJJ Bearing has expanded its original 2000 square meter factory to 9000 square meters based on its own needs. In the soon to be completed new factory building, rows of high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent testing equipment can be seen being transported in place, and intelligent workshops are taking shape. The new factory has set up 8 automated assembly lines and will be ready for trial production in just two months, "said company manager Yang Jinliang

The achievements of intelligent transformation have given JJJ bearings more confidence to promote enterprise development. Yang Jinliang stated that the company will further develop and manufacture high-performance precision micro bearings, expand product varieties, improve product technology content, attract high-quality upstream and downstream enterprises to cooperate, and further expand the market.

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