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The 23rd China International Electromechanical Products Expo in 2023

Release dat:2021-05-24
The 23rd China International Electromechanical Products Expo in 2023

September 14-17, 2023, Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang)


Wuhan Urban Construction Investment and Development Group Co., Ltd

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products

Undertaking unit:

Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd

Executive organizer:

Hubei Lijia Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibition Background

The 23rd China International Electromechanical Products Expo (2023 Wuhan International Intelligent Factory and Industrial Automation and Robotics Theme Exhibition) will be held from September 14 to 17, 2023 at the Wuhan International Expo Center. The theme of this exhibition is "Digital Intelligence Empowerment, Technological Innovation", which will fully leverage the support, service, link, and leading role of Hubei in the rise of the central region.

With the deepening of automation and intelligence in China's industrial manufacturing field, industrial production has entered the era of large-scale manufacturing. The exhibition provides important historical opportunities for participating enterprises to develop in an industrial cluster, high-end, intelligent, and green manner based on current market demand, promoting the deep integration of advanced manufacturing, productive services, digital economy, and real economy. We will delve deeper into new products, technologies, and processes in more industries, and conduct diversified themed activities such as joint development of non-standard products, equipment selection and user product processing improvement pairing, and the 2nd Hubei Automobile Industry Supply Chain Conference. We will create an industry exhibition platform that integrates brand display, technical exchange, trade cooperation, and market development for participating enterprises around the "three new". We welcome all participating enterprises to bring new products to the exhibition.

The exhibition focuses on industrial automation and control technology, electrical transmission, industrial robots, machine vision, industrial assembly and non-standard automation, intelligent logistics, industrial IT and manufacturing informatization, intelligent factories, and overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing. It gathers manufacturers and end users in the central region, provides a diversified display and negotiation platform, and promotes new developments in the industry.

Expected 400 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 40000 square meters and 30000 professional visitors


Exhibition time: September 11-12, 2023 AM08:30-PM18:00

September 13, 2023 AM08:30-PM21:00

Exhibition time: September 14-16, 2023 AM09:00-PM16:30

September 17, 2023 AM09:00-PM14:00

Dismantling time: Starting from PM14:00 on September 17, 2023

Display content

Industrial automation and control technology: sensors and actuators/motion control systems/assembly and handling systems/linear positioning systems/embedded systems/measurement and testing systems/PLC, SCADA/Industrial computer communication/Network and fieldbus system/Industrial automation data acquisition and identification system/Industrial image processing system/Industrial automation information technology and software/Cam splitter/Laser technology/3D laser and printing technology/Vision system/Air compression technology and equipment/Devices and components and other automation accessories.

Electrical transmission: servo motor, frequency converter and motor, stepping motor, transformer, transmission, reducer, bearing, cam, Timing belt, gear, belt, coupling, electric cylinder, pneumatic hydraulic sealing technology, actuator, mechanical drive system, lead screw, guide rail, module, wire and cable accessories, low-voltage switch, relay, button, industrial power supply, connector, terminal and components, etc.

Industrial robots: complete industrial robots, robot system integration, cooperative robots, welding robots, spraying robots, stacking robots, handling robots, assembly robots, laser processing robots, vacuum robots, cleaning robots, polishing robots, multi joint robots, SCARA robots, Delta robots, Cartesian coordinate system robots, power assisted manipulators, AGV Rail cars/other industrial robots, etc; Robot system accessories and others: controller, reducer, servo motor, robot paw, welding and cutting equipment, special wires, cables, tools and clamps, CNC system, gears, bearings, linear guide rail, braking device, sensor technology, machine vision software, software service and service providers, scientific research and technology institutions, etc.

Industrial assembly and transmission technology: automated assembly, assembly system integration, tightening technology, connection technology, riveting technology, 3D printing technology, intelligent transportation integration intelligent solution, automated warehousing system, automated packaging technology, flexible loading and unloading system, machine vision system and components, automated handling system, identification system, testing and measurement, 3C automation equipment and components and control system Integrated software for non-standard automation equipment and robot automatic control.

Intelligent manufacturing technology, system integration and solutions: Based on the overall solution of Industry 4.0, integrated solutions for industries such as automotive assembly, automotive component production, new energy, welding, 3C, electronics, machine tools, home appliances, biopharmaceuticals, food, packaging, logistics, warehousing, etc., robot workstations, robot intelligent production lines, etc.

Intelligent factory technology: intelligent production line and system integration, robot and automation system, automation/intelligent equipment, intelligent assembly and transportation, AGV automatic logistics equipment and system, industrial internet of things technology, online detection, virtual manufacturing, digital and logical control technology, simulation and simulation technology, group technology, flexible and intelligent manufacturing units and systems, computer integrated manufacturing system Discrete industrial system integration and intelligent technology and equipment, intelligent warehousing and logistics systems, etc; Intelligent data collection, lean production, intelligent operation management platform, and engineering? Internet solutions, digital workshops, and one-stop solutions for digital factories.

Intelligent logistics and warehousing technology: material handling and warehousing technology, warehousing equipment and operating equipment, warehouse and production control systems/mobile robots, AGV automatic handling trucks, forklifts, shuttle trucks, stackers, truss robots, conveyor lines, packaging, weighing, picking systems, labeling and identification, logistics facilities, measurement and postage systems, cargo handling technology and systems, factory intelligent logistics and warehousing systems, information and communication technology Software development and system integration, Industrial Internet solutions, intelligent factory overall solutions, planning and execution, etc.

Industrial IT and Manufacturing Informatization: Factory Integrated Management Software/Industrial IT Software/Factory Production Software/FA Factory Automation Components/Industrial Basic Systems and Development Tools/Industrial Internet/Local Area Network Solutions/Services for Internal (External) Factories, etc.

Booth fees

Booth configuration: Enterprise name standard lintel, one negotiation table, two seats, two spotlights, one 250W/220V power socket (excluding lighting and mechanical electricity), carpet.

Open space: No configuration, starting from 36 square meters.

Technical lectures cost 8000 yuan per session, 2 hours per session. The organizing committee will provide a 60 person theater style conference room with necessary audio, microphones, conference banners, projectors, tea, and assist in inviting professionals to the exhibition through various promotional channels.

Application deadline: July 31, 2023

Meeting activities

The 2nd Hubei Automotive Parts Production and Supply Chain Conference

Hubei is a major province in the automotive industry in China, with Wuhan as the core and the "Han Xiao Sui Xiang Ten" automobile corridor along the Han River as the focus. The coordinated development of the automotive industry layout in Yichang, Jingzhou, Jingmen, Huanggang, and other places is constantly optimizing, and is accelerating the construction of a trillion level automotive industry cluster with global influence, supporting the province to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system and the "51020" modern industrial cluster.

In order to further promote the rapid development of Hubei's automotive parts industry, the second Hubei Automotive Parts Production and Supply Chain Conference will be held in 2023, with the theme of "precise docking and collaborative innovation development", to build a platform for resource docking for Hubei automotive parts enterprises, and bring advanced automotive and parts processing solutions to jointly support the high-quality development of Hubei's automotive manufacturing industry.

The 2nd Hubei Province Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Education Research Integration High end Forum

New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Technology Forum

At present, China leads the world in the production and sales of new energy vehicles, becoming the world's largest producer and seller of new energy vehicles in the past three years, with a cumulative production and sales volume exceeding 1.8 million units. With the promotion of the "dual carbon" goal, renewable energy will become the standard equipment for electric vehicles, and the proportion of new energy vehicles in the market is increasing. To accelerate the deep integration of the new energy vehicle industry, disseminate advanced manufacturing technologies, and help improve the manufacturing level of automobiles and parts in China, the "New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Technology Forum" will be held.

The 5th Hubei Mold Industry Development Summit Forum

In order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between industry, academia, research and application in the Hubei mold industry, and increase academic exchanges within the industry, the Hubei Mold Association will hold the 5th Hubei Mold Industry Development Summit Forum. The forum will invite well-known experts and scholars from the domestic mold industry to discuss common industry issues such as mold digitization, application of information technology, and cultivation of mold talents.

Deep integration of laser and intelligent manufacturing (from laser processing to intelligent manufacturing)

With the rapid development of the national equipment manufacturing industry, the laser industry is moving towards a new level of development. Laser technology, with its rapid development advantages, has become an important tool for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. With the integration of automation and networking technologies, laser manufacturing has moved towards intelligent manufacturing.

Manufacturing Digital Transformation Summit Forum

In order to guide enterprises to improve their innovation driving capacity, help enterprises to realize the optimal configuration of the industrial chain, innovation chain and capital chain, focus on guiding enterprises to solve the problems of equipment, process, basic parts, core system software and other short boards, promote the integrated innovation development of enterprises' intelligent manufacturing, promote the level of intelligent application, and enable Digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the "Digital Transformation Summit Forum of the Manufacturing Industry" came into being as the times require, which is a platform for domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers Establish a business platform for technology providers and users to connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Military civilian integration high-end forum

In order to understand the strategic policies and situation of national military civilian integration, grasp the construction of national defense engineering, development of weapons and equipment, as well as the engineering, material, service, and supporting needs of various services, implement the national policies of "civilian participation in the military" and "military to civilian transition", and promote deep cooperation in national military civilian integration, the "Military Civilian Integration High End Forum" is specially held, aiming to strengthen military civilian interaction and exchange.

Jiajihui and Theme Parts Processing Exhibition

Starting from the demand for equipment and technology in key industries and major parts processing in Hubei and surrounding areas, we aim to create a dedicated area for processing solutions for single category parts, as well as a dedicated area for improving processing efficiency through process improvement. This will be presented through three modes: technical forums, processing demonstrations, and on-site expert consultations, promoting the integration of the needs of exhibitors and users.


(1) Professional exhibition team strives to create a high-quality industry event

Professional exhibition planning elites, comprehensive and three-dimensional promotion, and professional buyers are fully invited, aiming to create the most effective professional event in the industry. Various associations participate in groups to enhance the scale and effectiveness of the exhibition.

(2) Comprehensive media promotion · multi-channel professional audience invitation

Multi media focus · comprehensive promotion and reporting - With the full participation of the media, the exhibition has been widely disseminated, achieved more outstanding results, highlighted more diverse highlights, and had a more profound impact through pre reporting, mid-term centralized promotion, and continuous attention in the later stage. Conduct comprehensive publicity and promotion through television stations, print media, online media, new media, offline media, etc.

(3) Exhibition Services

Build bridges between enterprises and users, and build industry B2B

Visitor invitation: 10 years of accumulation, 80000 accurate databases, invitation to joint exhibitions in three places;

Community marketing: Building industry communities, covering automobiles, optoelectronics, mechanical manufacturing, home appliances, aerospace, biopharmaceuticals, healthcare, energy conservation and environmental protection, national defense and military industry, communication, shipbuilding, etc., calling on millions of industry members to help move forward;

Customized promotion: customize personalized promotion copy, advertising page, H5 electronic invitation letter, etc. according to the needs of the enterprise;

Event planning: Provide packaging, reporting and other services for large-scale events such as anniversary celebrations, press conferences, and technical exchanges for participating enterprises;

Conference activities: Regularly initiate conference activities in various cities, such as visiting factories, sharing technical exchanges, etc;

Exhibition period activities: Assist enterprises in conducting product promotion meetings, new product launches, procurement conferences, and other activities during the exhibition period;

Media special appointment: Engage in exclusive interviews with cooperative media to facilitate real-time exposure of the exhibition event for enterprises.


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